Frequently Asked Questions

Our patients are our top priority. Kindly read the answers to the FAQs below to get started on your treatment journey.
Alternatively, you may also call 6592 5522 to speak directly to any of our clinic staff.

What To Expect


Patients have to complete a form, and are required to provide their identification card, referral letter and insurance card, if any, for registration and verification purposes.


For your first consultation, the doctor will perform a physical examination and interview you on your medical history, presenting complaints and lifestyle habits. This is to help us better understand your hand condition and determine the best treatment option for you.


After the assessment, the doctor will advise you on your treatment options, as well as the accompanying charges before proceeding with the treatment plan.

Please call us directly at 6592 5522 or email us at [email protected].


Alternatively, you may fill in the online booking form on our website and we will give you a call to confirm your appointment as soon as possible.

We accept Cash, PayLah/PayNow, Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

Insurance Related

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Outpatient care refers to medical services that are provided at a medical facility without the patient having to stay overnight in a hospital. As outpatient services are the most common form of medical care, most insurance plans have an outpatient insurance coverage. This covers all, if not most, outpatient consultations and treatments. You may also be eligible for panel direct billing, in which your bills will be sent to your insurance provider directly.


Furthermore, personal accident insurance plans may cover certain aspects of outpatient care. Depending on your coverage, these accident plans can be utilised if you are suffering from a hand/wrist injury as a result of an accident or trauma.


Ultimately, it is best to check with your insurance agent on the coverage policies that you hold.

It is not necessary for you to bring along a referral letter for your visit. Simply call us at 6592 5522 or email [email protected] to book your appointment. Please wait for a confirmation reply before heading down to our clinics. Should you have a referral letter for your visit, kindly inform our staff when you book your appointment and bring the letter along with you on your first visit.


To check if your corporate insurers require a referral letter from your company or insurance-appointed General Practitioner (GP), kindly furnish us with your corporate insurance card so that we can advise you further.

Kindly bring along your identification card, referral letter and insurance card, if any, for registration and verification purposes.

This is dependent on your corporate insurance plan. You can check the co-payment rates at the back of your insurance card, or with your company.

This is dependent on your insurance coverage. Most prescribed medications are covered by insurance while supplements are usually not. You will be required to make payment for the medications should they not be covered by your insurer.

Most insurance covers diagnostic tests like X-rays and MRIs, but only within a specified limit. Should the charges be above the limit, we can try to help you obtain a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) to help cover the cost unless your insurance company requires you to obtain it personally. However, the approval is up to your insurer’s discretion. We can also help to ascertain coverage confirmation before proceeding with the medical investigation.

This is dependent on your insurer and insurance plan. Kindly check with your HR or insurer to find out about the specific coverage.

Yes, our doctors can help prepare a medical report for your claim submission.

General Enquiries

An orthopaedic surgeon is a specialist focused on the evaluation and management of all musculoskeletal disorders. This covers the bone, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and in a large area of the body, including the hip, knee, foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist and spine. Orthopaedic surgeons are also trained in the treatment of bone fractures and joint dislocations following trauma. In addition, Dr Poh as the previous Director of the Sports Service at the Singapore General Hospital, has special interest in the field of sports medicine, which deals with the prevention and treatment of sports related injuries, and improving physical well-being and function through exercise and rehabilitation.


Not all problems treated by an orthopaedic surgeon require surgery. Instead, non-surgical treatments, such as medication, rehabilitation, orthotics, and injections are often recommended as first line treatment. Dr Poh, a Senior Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Surgeon, with more than 18 years clinical experience, will provide a personalised assessment, and recommend the most appropriate and effective treatment for you.

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm

Sundays and public holidays: Closed

Under emergency circumstances, please do not hesitate to call Dr Poh Seng Yew at 6592 5522 (office hours) or 9877 8900 (after office hours or weekends) should you be suffering from any bone and joint injury or disorder.


We will be able to give you clear instructions on how to manage your injury and treat you as soon as you can and meet you at the A&E of your chosen hospital. Alternatively, you can ask for Dr Poh Seng Yew by name upon arrival at the emergency department. Dr Poh Seng Yew is accredited to operate at all Parkway Group of Hospitals (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, Parkway East Hospital), Mount Alvernia Hospital as well as Farrer Park Hospital.